Privacy Policy

Our company is committed to protecting the privacy of all users visiting to our website at (the “Website"). Please read the following privacy policy to understand how we use and protect information that you provide to us. By using our Website, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your information under the terms of this policy.
This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with the Website Terms of Use and anycapitalized term not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning given to that term in the Website Terms of Use.

1. Who we are

The Website is operated by (“We" or "FMM"). are a limited company registered in England and Wales under company number11311660 and have our registered office at 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden LondonWC29JQPlease visit the Contact page on this website for our contact details.

2. How we collect information

If you register to use our Website as a Vehicle owner or a Mechanic you will be asked to provide certain information about yourself including your name and contact details.
If you are a Vehicle owner and use our Website to request Quotes from Mechanics we will collect information contained in your request which will include your car registration number, postcode contact details and details of the work you need to be undertaken.
If you are a Mechanic and you use our Website we may collect information about your purchases as well as you credit or debit card information and we will collect information concerning the Quotes you have submitted via the Website.
We may also collect any other information you submit via any online forms or other interactive areas that appear on our Website from time to time. This includes information contained in any Listing, Request, Quotes or Feedback you post on the Website or which is contained in any message you transmit via this Website.
We may monitor, record, transcribe, store and use any telephone communication between a Vehicle owner and a Mechanic made via the Website, in order to check the details of any instructions received as a result of using the Website.
We may collect information about you if you contact us offline, for example by telephone, fax, email or post.
We may collect information about your usage of our Website.
We also use Cookies.

3. What we use your information for

Your information will be used to provide you with access to our Website and to supply you with any information or services you request. In particular:
If you are a Vehicle owner and request quotes on our Website we will use your postcode to select Mechanics who are best placed to respond and we will send details of the request, together with your first name, to these selected Mechanics so they can respond. Any Mechanics who respond to your request will also be given access to your telephone number so that they can contact you to discuss your requirements and their quotation. If you select a Mechanic to undertake the job via the Website, then your chosen Mechanic will be given access to your other contact details so that they can contact you to arrange for the work to be undertaken. Some Mechanics use third party suppliers and agencies to help them to respond to requests for Quotes and to liaise with customers to arrange for work to be undertaken and so references to Mechanics in this paragraph includes such third parties acting on their behalf.
If you are a Vehicle owner and post Feedback, the content of the Feedback will be published on our Website and maybe used on Social media platforms.
If you are a Mechanic we will publish the details of any Listing you create on our Website. However, this should not include any contact details for your business. We will also use your information to inform you about Jobs which have been posted on our Website by Vehicle owners and if you post a Quote for a Job this will be shared with the Vehicle owner concerned. We will also use information concerning the Quotes you have submitted and your use of our Website for billing purposes and to ensure that you are complying with your obligations under our Terms of Use.
If you register with us as a Vehicle owner or Mechanic and have consented to receive such information, we may use your details to provide you with, or permit selected third parties to provide you with, information about goods, services and offers we feel may interest you.
If you register with us we may use your information to contact you for feedback on your use or our products, services or our Website.
We may also use and analyze the information we collect so that we can administer, support, improve and develop our Website and the products and services we offer.

4. With whom we may share your information

We will share your information with other users of the Website in the ways described in section 3 above.
If you have consented to receiving marketing information from selected third parties, we will share your information with third parties so that they can provide you with information about the products and services they offer.
We may allow third party providers and contractors who supply services to us or who process information on our behalf (for example our payment provider and website hosts) incidental access to your information. We will ensure that they keep your information secure and do not use it for their own purposes.
We may share your information with another organization which buys our business or our assets or to whom we transfer our agreement with you and in the course of any negotiations which may or may not lead to such a transfer or sale.
We may pass aggregate information about the usage of our Website to third parties but this will not include information that can be used to identify you.
We will disclose your information if we are required to by law. We may disclose your information to enforcement authorities if they ask us to, or to a third party in the context of actual or threatened legal proceedings, provided we can do so without breaching data protection laws.
Unless permitted or required to do so by law, we will not otherwise share, sell or distribute any of the information you provide to us without your consent.

5. Cookies

Cookies are small text files which are transferred from our Website and stored on your computer's hard drive. They enable our Website to “remember" who you are. Please refer to our Cookies Policy for details of the Cookies use on our Website.
By registering to use our Website you are consenting to us using cookies in the ways described in our Cookies policy.
You may be able to configure your browser to restrict cookies or block all cookies if you wish. However, if you disable cookies you may find this adversely affects your ability to use certain parts of this Website.

6. Our responsibilities

We are responsible for all use we make of the information you provide to us and for ensuring that we only use and disclose your information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and applicable laws.
If you are a Vehicle owner and request Mechanics to provide Quotes or undertake work for you, you understand and agree that those Mechanics (and not FMM) are solely responsible for their use of your information. Whilst we ask all Mechanics to act responsibly and to comply with all applicable data protection and privacy laws we cannot accept any responsibility for their use of your information. If you are a Vehicle owner and have questions or concerns about any Mechanic's use of your information, please raise the matter with the Mechanic in question in the first instance.

7. Your Rights

You have the right to see any information we hold about you on payment of a statutory fee, which is currently £8.00.
You have the right to correct any errors in information we hold about you. Please inform us about changes to your details so that we can keep our records accurate and up to date.
You have the right to opt out of receiving any marketing material from us or any third party at any time.

8. Security and retention of information

We will keep your information secure by taking appropriate technical and organizational measures against its unauthorized or unlawful processing and against its accidental loss, destruction or damage. We will retain your information for as long as we need it for the purposes set out in this policy, or as otherwise required by law.

9. Changes to our privacy policy

We will from time to time update and make changes to this policy. We recommend that you revisit this privacy policy frequently, and ideally each time you visit our Website.

10. Links

If you follow a link from any of our Website to another site, this policy will no longer apply. We are not responsible for the information handling practices of third party sites and we encourage you to read the privacy policies appearing on those sites.

11. Further Information

If you have any queries about the information we hold on you or would like to exercise your rights set out above, please contact us by email on support@fixmymot.comor write to 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden LondonWC29JQFurther information about data protection issues can be found on the Information Commissioner’s site at

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 11April 2018.